Irish Aid Projects- 5th Class

We are writing this report because we are doing an Irish Aid project in school

We have being doing this for a month in school and have been learning all about Irish Aid and refugees

We learned about a woman named Mamcy Karina who is a refugee.  She is from South Sudan but now lives in Uganda due to having to move out of her home because of war in her country. Her family were famers but had to leave their farm due to war. She was in a refugee camp and was helped by Irish Aid who brought her and other refugees essential items like food and water. Now Mamcy is a preschool teacher and is doing a storytelling course she hopes to be a journalist in the future.

Today we saw TRTE talking to refugees and asking about their stories about fleeing their homes because every refugee has a unique story.

Also on the news today they were talking about the Irish government sending oxygen to India to help with the huge surge in Covid cases in the country.

We did projects on Irish Aid in our classroom. Some people did games others did picture while other people wrote stories. 

Irish Aid is very important as they help millions of refugees each year. They supply them with water and food. They saved many people’s lives.            

Jay, Hazel and Pat