The children of St Brigid’s NS have been developing their Digital Literacy skills over the past number of years and the standard of work being produced is amazing!

Book Creator

Junior classes have been programming Bee Bots while 2nd class published their reports on foxes using Book Creator app! Check them out here

6th and 1st class participated in peer teaching to show their learning about different types of homes using BookCreator. Have fun exploring them here


Junior classes learn how to use Beebots from the older boys and girls in buddy teaching sessions while also completing ‘unplugged coding’ lessons with Mrs Lynch

Coding in our school has become increasingly popular with Coding Club having over 50 participants in 12 weeks.

Pupils in the senior classes enjoy Minecraft and Scratch. We even have SCRATCH finalists amongst us!

Lego Spike

Our Parents Association kindly purchased Lego Spike sets for our school. We absolutely love them, especially the problem solving, leadership skills and teamwork we have to use

Google Classroom

Every child in our school has access to a Google Education Account. On Google Classroom, teachers posts pictures, videos, homework, notices and reminders to keep the communication and links between home and school strong


In St Brigid’s NS, we use Ipads and laptops throughout the day.

In the junior school, pupils learn them to embed phonics, tricky works and early maths work during station time. In the middle classes, they also using them for literacy lift off, project work in history, geography and science and as part of numeracy stations. In the senior end of the school, there are a multitude of uses for digital technology; greenscreening, podcasts, jamboards, google forms, Plikers, Kahoot are just a few of the many tooks are children have experience using.

Anti-Bullying campaign using Toontastic