Digital Learning in St Brigid’s

The pupils and teachers in St Brigid’s have been learning new digital literacy skills over the past number of years but the improvement we have seen in the past year is incredible.

We have 20 iPads which are used by junior infants to second class for phonics games, maths games, guided reading, practising letter formation and much much more! Sometimes the boys and girls in 5th and 6th use the iPads to ‘green screen’. The children have been learning some basic coding skills as we are lucky enough to have 6 Beebots!

The senior end of the school have access to over 30 laptops and would amaze you at all the wonderful things they can do. They enjoy using the laptops to carry out research, edit videos, create posters, use online tools such as Padlet and Mentimeter, and add to their digital portfolio, to name but a few!

The children and teachers have all recently been set up on Google Classroom and are learning how to complete assignments and give feedback on peers work. If you are having difficulty accessing Google Classroom, please contact Ms Crosse

All the skills that the children are learning will enable them to succeed in the future and will open up windows of opportunity for them.