The lead up to Christmas

       By L. O’Dwyer and A. Ahern.

         Ms. Crosse’s 6th class

In St Brigid’s National School, Christmas has been different this year due to Covid-19. However, we are trying to lift Christmas spirits. We will all be wearing Christmas jumpers on the Friday the 18th of December and we will also be watching the Panto. Due to Covid-19 we will not be giving presents for the teachers☹, but on the bright side we are collecting money for Milford Hospice and already have over €1000. To add to the Christmas cheer, we decorated most of the school with Christmas decorations, and we made Advent Calendar with 22 days. Every day there is something that the class can do for 5 minutes; we decorated the advent cards in a Christmas theme and included 30th of November so everyone in the class could get a specific day. In 6th class for Christmas we might be able to have hot chocolate by winning points for being good; the points count as follow: 10 points for a cup, 20 points for the chocolate powder, 30 points for the milk, 40 points for the marshmallows and 50 points for a treat of your choice. Fingers crossed we get more than 10 points!!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas filled with joy, happiness and good health. Here’s to 2021!


By Lily and Alex