World Book Day

World Book Day is one of the most highly anticipated events in our school calendar. Children and staff dress up as their favourite book characters while they also take part in buddy reading. Check out our videos below!

Geoff Hunt

Geoff is a member of Birdwatch Ireland and has published a book entitled Limerick Nature Walks. He has carried out survey work for Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies in Limerick and North Kerry.

We are very lucky to have a strong partnership with Geoff which allows our pupils to engage with a variey of outdoor learning activities in relation to animals, plants and much much more!

Peer Teaching

In our school, we believe in children supporting each others learning. For digital learning, 6th classes take responsibility every year of teaching new skills to younger pupils. This year, they tackled Book Creator App! Look at the amazing projects 1st class completed with the help of Ms Crosse’s wizzes!


We are increidbly lucky in our school to have the most incredible grounds. Our driveway is lined with looming trees and in spring daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops brighten up our mornings! We also have a pond and an orchard; can you believe we have all this and yet we are so close to the city centre? Our Green Schools Committee, classes, groups and staff take great pride in maintaining the grounds.