Return to School

Back to school 


Over the past few weeks, the children of St. Brigid’s National school have been quite happy to be back to school while some continue to work online from home. Pupils from Ms Crosse’s 6th class were sent around the school to interview classes on what their thoughts were back at school. Here are some of the students’ responses to our survey.


We first went to Ms Vaughans 2nd class and asked them a few questions on what it is like being back at school, here are some of their responses. The pupils of Ms Vaughans found online learning fun but others said they found it hard, they said they liked being in school more than online,while others said they enjoyed being at the comfort of their own homes doing school work.  All of the other classes had the majority of the same answers to our questions.


Overall, all of the children and staff of St Brigids are enjoying being back at school and are trying their best to keep everyone safe. Take a look at all the wonderful work being done around the school over the past month. 


By Gavin, Lily and Lauren