Note re: Term 3

Dear Parents and Pupils,

Welcome back to our third term. I hope you have enjoyed the Easter break and are refreshed and ready to start back to work again. Teachers will continue to set work. Do what you can, in your circumstances


It is important to read each day.

Parents may do paired reading and older pupils may read to younger siblings. Read what you enjoy, fact, fiction, poetry, sports articles, recipes etc.


There will be areas of the maths programme that teachers will not cover, because the concepts require a lot of preparatory work in the classroom. These areas will be concentrated on, when pupils return to school.

This term, a lot of the maths programme, involves revision as well as, measuring, length and area, liquids and weight.

Home is an ideal place for learning about measures in a practical and fun way. Bottles, detergent measures, kitchen scales, measuring tapes, etc. are all useful aids to learning and understanding these concepts.

Please understand that when planning for maths in the future, be it later this term, or next year, teachers will take into account, and make up for, gaps in pupils’ learning, due to this closure.


Confirmation & Communion ceremonies will not now take place on the scheduled dates. We await details of new arrangements from the Church authorities, when this current health emergency ends.

Please stay well and continue to exercise safe distancing, hand washing and following the advice given by health experts.


Principal & Staff,

St. Brigid’s N.S.

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