Biodiversity means all the forms of life on Earth, from the tiniest bugs in the soil to the largest whales in the ocean, and the plants they eat. Biodiversity provides us with many of life’s necessities including food and drink, medicine, building materials and many parks, forests, wetlands and beaches for us to enjoy. A growing population and increasing use of natural resources place huge stresses on natural ecosystems and the species in them. Destruction of habitats, climate change, over-harvesting and introduction of non-native species are major threats to native Biodiversityspecies resulting in their extinction and endangerment.

So what are we doing in St. Brigid’s N.S. to preserve, protect and improve biodiversity in our locality?

We have been busy creating a variety of habitats in our school grounds which are wildlife friendly such as our oak woodland, hedgerow, orchard, pond, organic vegetable garden, wildflower meadow, wild areas, summer meadow, native and non-native trees, bug hotels, hedgehog homes, bat houses and a  leaf composting frame. We have trees and shrubs with berries and nuts to feed the birds in autumn and bird feeders with seeds and nuts in winter. There are  flowers almost all year for the bees and other insects.

In the future, we plan to continue planting more trees, build a ‘wild bee hotel’ and continue to maintain and enhance our wildlife friendly school grounds.



Working in Our Locality

Recently, our 6th classes were on a local history trail and noticed that St. Patrick’s Well needed some TLC. The next week, with gloves, black bags, little pickers and determination in their eyes, the removed 15 bags of rubbish. The following week, they went back for round two and fill 5 more bags. The Limerick Leader and Limerick City and Council stopped by to thank us for all our hard work.


Cycling at St Brigid’s NS.

St Brigid’s NS prides itself in the number of children who cycle to school on a weekly basis and knowing the positive impact they are having on our environment. This October, we had our most successful Cycle Week yet. Our bikes were repaired in school to ensure we were safe while cycling to and from school and for our fun cycles with our friends and family in the evenings. We even had a competition called “Bling your Bike”. Check out our photos below!

Fox Sighting

On the 9th of December 2020, we were looking out our window during maths groups because the birds were eating the meal worms that we gave them so that they didn’t have to look for food. Suddenly, after we stopped videoing the birds, a fox appeared at our school pond. The fox got a fright, hid under the hedge and then he ran to the train tracks. He has not be seen since. Please let us know if you spot the fox.

By Alex B, Alan and Corey

(6th Class- Ms Crosse)